Hyloh provides external input, actively scouting materials and processes on your behalf.

Practicing open innovation recognizes the value of collaborating with global and cross-functional teams, as well as obtaining input from external partners. Hyloh provides that external input, bringing relevant references to your attention. By regularly providing a spark: framing an opportunity for you with accompanying material, process, concept and analogue. When it’s of interest, we facilitate an introduction

$1,500 per quarter / 1325 € per quarter



Hyloh researches and provides recommendations of a particular material theme, category, function or aesthetic.

The snapshot can be used to initiate a project, inspire design concepts, or focus subsequent materials research.

$4,750 / 4200 €


Studio Session

Hyloh facilitates an interactive and informative session to inspire and educate.

It can be a challenge to keep up with the latest developments in the material world. Hyloh brings practical knowledge to cross-functional teams, facilitating a studio session that aligns the team, and inspires the generation of new ideas or the rethinking of existing ones.  

$4,250 / 3800 € (annual program available)


Material Mood-board

A quarterly mood-board installation about the material issues that matter.

Material Stories allows inspirational and timely material content to reach a wider audience and act as a constant call-to-action. The modular and easy-to-install wall display is suitable for a common area in the office.

$4,000 / 3300 € (annual program available)



Research Consult

We follow your lead…

Hyloh is the white space where anything with a physical material factor is a candidate for collaboration. Hyloh employs it’s unique methodology to each project, creating a custom research strategy and engaging with our network of collaborators and subject-matter experts.

Talk to us about how we can recognize and develop applicable insights and solutions.

Starting from - $10,000 / 8850 €


Creative Consult

We take the lead…

Hyloh has a diverse cultural, generational and experiential perspective of the material world. From curated and custom content, to creating strategic prospective concepts, our insight is different to that of design or trend agencies.

Talk to us about how we can apply our unique lens to your industry, company, or project.

Starting from - $10,000 / 8850 €



We’re happy to create a collaboration offering suited to your specific tastes.