With diverse cultural, generational and experiential perspectives, Hyloh’s founders bring a unique perspective to each project.


Elodie Ternaux

A natural facilitator and organizer, Elodie is adept at questioning what we think we know about materials, where we use them, and how we talk about them. Trained as both an engineer and a designer, Elodie has lectured extensively and curated numerous exhibitions across the world. Elodie was co-director of materiO in Paris and co-authored Materiology: the Creative’s Guide to Materials and Technologies.

elodie [@] hyloh.com


Fiona Anastas

With experience in the fields of design, materials and education, Fiona loves partnering with companies to identify and implement new materials and processes. Trained as a home economics teacher before pursuing a Master of Design, Fiona taught textile theory and technique at a university in Sydney, was a Material Specialist and Project Manager at Material ConneXion, and a Content Strategist with Gensler, both in New York.

fiona [@] hyloh.com


Sarah D’Sylva

Sarah is skilled at understanding emerging consumer and cultural behaviors, and their connection to product design and material selection. Curating this insight into bespoke content, design concepts and material strategies, Sarah excels at making materials and processes as coveted as good design has become. Trained as an industrial designer, prior to co-founding Hyloh Sarah was a Senior Design Strategist at Material ConneXion in New York.

sarah [@] hyloh.com